Designer Services / Design consultant


Custom Jewelry Design

Every woman is unique and beautiful in her own way; why shouldn’t her jewelry be, too? MarKa creates custom pieces as unique as you are. Whether you want a memorable statement necklace for your wedding day, or a chic pair of earrings to make your daily grind feel a bit more special, MarKa can help. We’ve created custom jewelry for hundreds of clients and worked with a wide range of materials, including wood, semi-precious stones, crystals, metals, fabrics, and acrylics. Bring us your wildest jewelry dreams and we’ll make them come true with expertise and experience.


MarKa Jewellery/Product Photography

MarKa understands how vital photos are to a jeweler's business. Without high-quality, perfectly-lit photographs, customers can’t see how amazing your work is. Let MarKa handle your professional product photos so you can focus on your craft. Our photography services are offered at a fair and reasonable price. As a supporter of small businesses, and especially women-owned businesses, we believe in teaching our clients the skills they need to improve their jewelry photography. Getting amazing product photos can take you a step closer to achieving your business dreams. MarKa can get you there.  


Graphic Design and Illustrations

Does your business need some fresh graphics? Are you rebranding and want a whole new look? MarKa’s graphic design and illustration services have been commissioned by a wide range of clients for a variety of projects. Organizations looking to create meaningful products, packaging, and marketing materials need a designer who understands their mission. Your cause is important, MarKa has the skills and experience to meet your needs. Our graphic design portfolio includes textile design, original logos, look books, posters, and more. 


Design Consultant Services

Working on a project but not quite sure how to execute it? MarKa will take the time to understand your project, organization, and purpose to help create the perfect design. We’ll expertly assess your project and create a plan for completion. With years of design consulting experience, MarKa can help organize your ideas with reliable design methodology. We’ll take your design dreams and make them a reality.


Interior Design Consultant Services

Whether you’re re-doing your home or opening a new office, interior design matters. It needs to express your style and also be functional. MarKa Designs has vast knowledge and experience in both design and construction. This combination of experience and skill allows us to create the perfect design solutions for you. With on-site experience in the family construction business, we understand the do’s and don’ts of interior functionality and aesthetics. Every space can be beautiful and functional with the right design from MarKa Designs.


Marka Designs Art artwork. Charcoals on wood.

Art Work

Every woman has a wheelhouse of strengths and many tend to hide them from the world.  MarKa Designs Art draws on these hidden strengths and encourages women to express themselves and be brave.

The charcoal on wood pieces are inspired by the things women hide from the world yet yearn to set free. 

Women are resilient, strong, and beautiful creatures. One of the true callings for MarKa Designs is to support and help other women who like herself have suffered or are suffering from domestic violence and abuse.  

Marka will and have agreed to donate $17.00CAD of each sale in this line. Donations It will be given to Assaulted Women's Helpline  and to the organization,  Women on the Move, which aims to empower and support women.